Configuration File

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Configuration file is necessary if you want to use Access Level Feature, Multi Language Text Feature and gTextList controls.

More functions will be added to Configuration file in future.


Configuration File is created by Gelecek HMI Components Configurator (GelecekHMICompConfigurator.exe) which is supplied with demo download of our software.        


You need to deploy configuration file together with your application.


Step 1: Create Configuration File

Open configurator software.

Define Languages. Look here.        

Define Access levels. Look here.


Define Value Text Tables that you want to use with gTextList controls.

value text tables conf


Save file. It will be a *.ghmi file.



Step 2: Inform your application of configuration file

Application should know file name and path.


 Basic way

Basic way is using a simple control: gGlobalSettings.

         global settings toolbox

This control is used to define configuration file and some other functions.

Property editor of gCustomizationSettings property of this control is used:

         global settings editor2



 Code way

         Use this method to load configuration file:

          bool result = GelecekCommon.gGlobalObjects.gConfigurationFileManager.gLoadConfigurationSettings("C:\Users\GUL\Desktop\conf dosya5 ornek.ghmi");

               //For a successful file load, result should be true.


         Note that this method should be in main form's Load event.

         Note that you need to deploy configuraton file to the same path in runtime computer.