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access level selector on toolbox



gAccessLevelSelector is a tool to make easy selecting user access level, without code.

It is a .NET control.

You do not have to use this tool. You can code your own access level selecting scenario. An example is available in sample project.

Put it on a form, adjust dimensions to see all levels and set BackgroudColor for a better look.


More information about access level system: Look here.



View before configuration file

access level kontrol ilk

Access levels are defined in a configuration file. If configuration file is not loaded yet, gAccessLevelSelector looks like above.


View after configuration file

access level kontrol

After configuration file is loaded, it looks like above. Check that  all level names are in visible area, adjust dimensions if necessary.


Note that configuration file is loaded by gGlobalSettings control or by your code.

More information about configuration file is here.


Password entry

When you click on an access level on gAccessLevelSelector, if a password is defined that access level, a password entry form appears.

access level password