Common property: gExplanation

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Explanation of control that appears in archives.

If you want to archive user activities on this control, you can set a meaningful explanation for this control by means of this property.

For example "Start machine" is more meaningful than "gBitCheckBox1".

Detailed information about archiving is here.


This property has Multi Languge Text feature. Look here.


Property editor

 multi lang text editor

Languages are defined in a configuration file, not a constant list.



C# code example

//Note that normally you do not write code for this property. You just set through property editor in design time.


gLanguageNameAndText languageandtext1 = new gLanguageNameAndText();

languageandtext1.LanguageName = "French";

languageandtext1.Text = "Eteignez la machine";


gLanguageNameAndText languageandtext2 = new gLanguageNameAndText();

languageandtext2.LanguageName = "Spanish";

languageandtext2.Text = "Apague la maquina";


gLanguageNameAndText languageandtexts = New gLanguageNameAndText[]{ languageandtext1, languageandtext2 };

gBitCheckBox.gExplanation.gLanguagesNamesAndTexts = languageandtexts;