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global settings toolbox



gGlobalSettings is a tool to make global settings without code.

It is a .NET control.

You do not have to use this tool. All these settings can be made by code.

Put it on Main Form of your application, set Visible property as FALSE. If you want to see some settings in runtime, leave it VISIBLE.


All these settings are about Gelecek Software .NET Components.


More information about access level system: Look here.


View on form

global settings control

In design time, use property editor of gCustomizationSettings property.

In runtime just click on Setting Form button.


global settings editor2


Configuration file

Name and location of configuration file is defined here.

More information about configuration file is here.


Configuration file should be this location both in design time and runtime. It is also possible to load configuration file by code.


UA Server Security Settings

For each UA server you want Gelecek OPC Client Components to connect to, you need to define security settings.

First you need to know what security settings are supported by target UA server.

Then here, you need to make security settings.


If you do not use this security setting mechanism, OPC Client controls try to connect to server with this settings:

Security Mode = None

Security Policy = None

User Authentication Type = Anonymous