gTextList.gPrefixText Property

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PROPERTY                                    DATA TYPE                                                  




This property is used to display a prefix text before main text.


gPrefixText is a Multi Language Text.

For details of Multi Languge Text feature, Look here.


C# code example

gLanguageNameAndText languageandtext1 = new gLanguageNameAndText();

languageandtext1.LanguageName = "French";

languageandtext1.Text = "Eteignez la machine";


gLanguageNameAndText languageandtext2 = new gLanguageNameAndText();

languageandtext2.LanguageName = "Spanish";

languageandtext2.Text = "Apague la maquina";


gLanguageNameAndText languageandtexts = New gLanguageNameAndText[]{ languageandtext1, languageandtext2 };

gTextList.gPrefixText.gLanguagesNamesAndTexts = languageandtexts;