Reporting User Activities

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For editable controls like gNumericBox, gButton, gBitCheckBox, gRadioButton, it is possible to archive user activities

by means of the global event: "GelecekCommon.gGlobalObjects.gArchiveManager.gArchiveActivityAdded"        


     When user uses one of editable controls, and modify value, this event occurs.

So you can code an archive system to gather all activities.


gExplanation property of control is important at this point. Value of this MultiLanguage property is used in event.

If value of gExplanation in current language is not null ( or empty), event occurs, otherwise event does not occur.



C# syntax

private void ArchiveManager_gArchiveActivityAdded(string formName, string controlName, string controlExplanation, object previousValue, object newValue)





Name of source controls parent form.



name of source control.



Value of gExplanation property (in current language) of source control.



Value before user modification.



Value after user modification.