Gelecek OPC Classic Connector

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Gelecek OPC Classic Connector is a tool to connect to Classic OPC DA Servers.

It is a .NET control that is used to make easy Reading, Writing and Subscription operations through Classic OPC DA Servers.

Compatible with OPC DA 2.x, 3.0 specifications.


With this control, it is very easy to connect to OPC DA Servers without any OPC knowledge.


Read OPC items.

Write to OPC items.

Monitor OPC Items, Connector informs you of any value changes in monitored OPC items.

Create unidirectional connection between OPC item and any .NET control.

Create bidirectional connection between OPC item and any Gelecek OPC Client Control


View on form

Large view shown. Normally it is used as invisible in runtime.

Click on red square for Large View- Small View - Large View transition.

classic connector large view



Property Grid View

Standart Visual Studio properties not shown.