gOPCUAConnector.gRemoveMonitoredItems Method

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Deletes monitoring defined with monitorObjects.

After this operation, if all monitorObjects are deleted in subscription, subscription is also deleted.


VB syntax

gOPCUAConnector.gRemoveMonitoredItems(subscriptionID As StringByRef itemsToRemove() As gOPCUAMonitorObject)


C# syntax

gOPCUAConnector.gRemoveMonitoredItems(string subscriptionID, ref gOPCUAMonitorObject[] itemsToRemove)




Name for subscription that includes monitored OPC Nodes you want to delete.



An array of MonitorObjects that specify what NodeIDs will be  removed from monitoring subscription.


Return Type



C# code example



                //Step1: Create an array of monitor object with single item and assign NodeID you want to remove

                GelecekCommon.gOPCUAMonitorObject[] monitor_objects = new GelecekCommon.gOPCUAMonitorObject[] { 

                new GelecekCommon.gOPCUAMonitorObject() { NodeID = txtNodeID1.Text }};



                //Step2: Apply gRemoveMonitoredItems method

                GelecekCommon.gOPCUAStatusCode function_result = gOPCUAConnector1.gRemoveMonitoredItems(txtSubscriptionID.Text, ref monitor_objects);


                txtFunctionResult.Text = function_result.ToString();


                //Setp3: Check Result

                //For a successfull remove, function result should be "Good" and Status code sould be "Good"

                if (function_result == GelecekCommon.gOPCUAStatusCode.Good)


                    txtStatusCode1.Text = monitor_objects[0].StatusCode.ToString();




            catch (Exception ex)