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HMI with C#

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With our OPC Client components, it's child's play to create an industrial HMI project with C# in .NET environment.
Communication issues between HMI and PLC are solved with an OPC Server and our OPC Client Components.

How to create HMI with C#

To create hmi with C# all you need to do is, just drag and drop a control, set target PLC address in gOPC property, and run.
In most cases, you don't need even one line of code.
The OPC client control connects to PLC address through OPC Server automatically.

Watch How to create hmi with C# video

Our OPC Client Components Basic Package consists of 8 esential controls, which are enough for most of HMI applications.

Both Classic OPC DA Servers and OPC UA Servers are supported.

If you need more:
Our OPC Classic Connector and OPC UA Connector provide limitless access to OPC Servers for advanced users. A set of Reading, Writing, Subscribing methods available.
In this case you will need to write code for every operation.
All features explained in help file with details and sample codes.

Use flexibility of C# to create an HMI project with our OPC client components.

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