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OPC Client Components and OPC Connectors :

Gelecek Software OPC Client Components and OPC Client Toolkits are the best choice to create OPC client .NET (Visual Basic & C#) projects. These products are especially developed for industrial HMI applications.
With these products, it is very easy to communicate with PLCs, Drives or any smart field devices through OPC servers.

OPC Client Components

With OPC Client components, you can create an OPC client without code. Just set properties and run. Both Classic OPC servers and OPC UA servers are supported. All components have MultiLanguage text capability. With this feature, you can create an international project easily. Access Level control system is embedded. You can define when a control will be visible or enabled.

OPC Connectors

OPC Connectors are our OPC Client Toolkits. They are used to connect to Classic OPC servers or OPC UA servers. With simplified Read, Write and Subscribe methods, it is easy to create an OPC client project.

How to create HMI or opc client with Visual Basic or C#:

OPC Client Components for .NET (VB & C#)Access OPC servers
OPC Client Components for .NET (Visual Basic & C#)OPC Client Toolkit for .NET, OPC Classic DA Connector
OPC Client Toolkit for .NET, OPC UA ConnectorCT OPC UA Server, OPC UA Server for Control Techniques Drives
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OPC Client toolkit help files:

Basic Package
OPC Connectors help files:
Gelecek OPC Classic ConnectorGelecek OPC UA Connector

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